Gotze’s threat to Inter Milan’s defence is naturally much greater than that of Bican and Draiwa.

He is making Inter Milan defenders afraid to press easily.
In this way, Inter Milan’s attack is naturally subject to this and cannot do its best.
If you don’t try your best, it’s not easy to score goals in the face of Lazio’s defense …
Winning this substitution proves his effectiveness. When Inter Milan want to attack again, Gotze’s active performance in the frontcourt will make Inter Milan players weigh it carefully …
It is always impossible to watch his attack until Mourinho gnashes his teeth on the sidelines.
But who told him that his team was behind?
If he is in the lead now, he will always win …
Lazio ended Mourinho’s entanglements and troubles in the 77th minute.
After a series of dazzling ball moves, Gotze sent the football to the restricted area. This time, cavani was not offside. He directly ejected the football and flew into the Inter Milan goal for the second time!
"beautiful! How beautiful! " CCTV commentator shouted excitedly, "This is Lazio’s best way to score goals! Continuous ball propulsion! And not that kind of back and forth! Lazio has been moving forward all the time, without retreating or stagnating! In this way, the team’s promotion can really take shape! "
"It’s true that Lazio fully demonstrated their ball skills and running skills in this continuous ball. Every player will continue to run forward after the ball is finished, and will not choose to stop, so that Lazio’s attack can continue to move forward without getting into trouble … so that when they reach the front of the restricted area, they can go directly to the most dangerous place because there are enough receiving points, just like the position of Gotze and cavani just now …" The commentator told the audience how wonderful the ball was just now.
Lazio fans in the stands jumped up and shouted.
They don’t care how wonderful the goal was tactically, they need to know that Lazio are two goals ahead of Inter Milan now, that’s enough!
Ten minutes before the horse, Lazio led Inter Milan by two goals!
This means that Inter Milan has no hope of coming.
Don’t say it’s a reversal, even it’s difficult to tie the score.
Mourinho was most worried about something.
The shadow of defeat hangs over every Inter Milan player.
When the game was resumed again, it could be seen that their performance was not as good as before
It is obvious that they realize that no matter how hard they try, they can’t beat Lazio.
This reality is depressing. In that case, what’s the point?
Then Chang Sheng continued to replace him. modric replaced Motta ledesma and meireles.
This is a counterpoint substitution. The purpose is to continue to maintain control over the midfield, even to strengthen control over the midfield.
As a result, it will be very difficult for Inter Milan to get back the score.
The commentator of CCTV also boasted that Chang Sheng’s substitution was "how targeted", "how timely and famous" and "how uncomfortable Mourinho was …"
Finally, coming behind leads to a bad mood. Inter Milan fans can’t bear to watch it, even if there are ten minutes before the end of the game, they don’t want to watch it again.
Besides, in their minds, Inter Milan is doomed to lose …
These Inter fans made the right choice.
Because Inter Milan failed to break Lazio’s goal in the end, Lazio finally beat Inter Milan 2-0 at the Bird’s Nest Stadium.
Won the sixth Italian Super Cup in the history of the club.
It surpassed AC Milan and became the team that won the Italian Super Cup the most times in history!
At the award ceremony, the old captain Rocchi held the trophy high on behalf of Lazio, and the Lazio fans cheered.
Changsheng is clapping with a gold medal around his neck.
He has a faint smile on his face.
Whether winning the Italian Super Cup or beating Mourinho and Inter Milan is nothing new to him.
Lazio has become the team that has won the Italian Super Cup the most times in history, and it doesn’t matter if it always wins.
The Italian Super Cup is a make-up champion.
He doesn’t think that he won the Italian Super Cup and will definitely be the champion in the new season.
Although he is confident that he can win the championship, he still needs to work hard to win these championships.
And this season’s effort is no less than other seasons.
He also knows very well that Mourinho will not be knocked down by this Italian Super Cup failure.
Mourinho also lost the Super Bowl when he was familiar with it. As a result, he finally became the triple crown in the new season!
Mourinho and his Inter Milan are very tenacious, and this person has a team that does not lose.
Later, he turned to coach Real Madrid and encountered the same situation. Barcelona’s first national derby was swept away by Barcelona 5. As a result, he was not discouraged and finally broke Barcelona’s monopoly on La Liga.