Previously, the other party was the warden of the French prison and a young and decent person. I didn’t expect the other party to use such vicious means to kill people without blinking an eye, which is even worse than the devil.

Being stabbed in the heart is equivalent to his own life being pinched by him. It is easy to say in his hand that it is better to die than to live in prison. It is better to deal with it today and then say such thoughts. A group of prisoners suddenly became active.
"You don’t have a burden in your heart. You should follow my mind and do things in a down-to-earth manner, and you won’t be mistreated." Yi Dao
"Now that things have been like this, our lives are in your hands. You can do what you say." Previously, the big fellow’s eyes flashed and the rest of the people also spoke insincerely.
Yi looked at him a few times, but it was him who spoke out. It seems that there are leaders in this group who raised their heads at him and said, "Please report your name."
"Yue Biao" answered briefly.
"After this, these people belong to you and you will be the leader." Yi took out a stack of small books and threw them in the past. "After a while, count your situation clearly, and record the spells that your respective sects have learned, and so on. Write me in detail. If I find out that there is a trace of concealment, don’t blame me."
Yue Biao picked it up and rubbed his belly. "Do you write about your experience?"
"Will you change your appearance?" Yi glanced at him and didn’t respond to the crowd and asked himself.
"I will" in a thin Han way
"Common name and surname" Yi Dao
"Song Yan" Yan Songdao
"Learn this thing, and I’ll come back tomorrow." When I changed hands, a piece of folded white paper appeared for him to take over, then turned and stepped out of the law and disappeared.
Said Song Yan took the folded white paper and opened it to look at his face. First, his face lit up, then his face shrank and he stretched out his trembling right hand and touched his face. This expression made the people around him look stunned and hurried around. After reading it, his face changed, his teeth were gnashing and he was trembling. This is * * * to change his face.
The third volume Three flowers gather at the top Chapter 50 About the dharma.
After a day, Yi came to the crowd again and pulled out a lot of things, and then forced them to do something tough. After that, this small room was full of sounds like killing pigs and crying ghosts, from high to hoarse and finally to inaudible, but Yi deliberately didn’t use anesthetic to make them firmly remember this unforgettable experience.
To put it bluntly, changing one’s appearance means that technical work is just like secular whole, and changing one’s face is of course much more advanced than secular.
Skin-taking, skin-cutting, bone-shaping, etc. all have spells, and then the treatment of facial skin and flesh with ethyl wood aura will leave no scars at all, and there will be no damage to the bones inside
Yi’s original intention was to get these people out of prison and raise mountains at any time, but after careful consideration, it was unrealistic.
These people can be said to be fierce people, and they have been detained in prison for so long. Once outside, it’s a tiger coming out. Although there is a piercing needle to control people’s complicated thoughts, no one can expect any unexpected changes. Let’s stay with them and set them up.
However, the jailers are talkative, and the prisoners in front of them were discovered. That’s a big deal. Change their appearance and arrange a proper identity so as to gain a foothold in the prison.
It happened that the prisoners in the prison rioted and the prison guards suffered heavy casualties, and the construction workers in the prison lost their chance and never came again, so that they could be arranged in unnoticed.
It’s easy to think that Lai Changyi’s position as deputy warden has been dealt with, and Pan Qianli and Minister Ye are afraid of another dark battle to place people, so it is better to take the initiative.
It’s easy to think about it and then start the ancient tea idea. Anyway, both of them are a little ambiguous and a little interesting to themselves, and darling daughter, a family of Qin Province, has some background and so on.
Then I called and asked Gu Ming to talk about the benefits, and the other party was quite convinced that it was a joint family to see if I could make some effort.
Yi talked to Nianyou Lin again and suggested putting all kinds of interests in plain English and waiting for the Ministry’s decision.
In the past ten days, Yi also arranged for the thirteen prisoners to serve as guards of the warden, just as the prison building was completed and many newly transferred colleagues returned to normal.
I was very satisfied with the inspection in Yi prison. Although the prisoner was forced to do it, there was really no place to steal and cheat. After all, it would be uncomfortable to cover and detain their cell if they didn’t try their best to live there.
The whole prison has taken on a new look, and the old house has also been reopened, and small foreign buildings have stood up. If the prison guards and wall slogans have not walked back and forth, they would have really arrived at the small villa area.
Looking far away, the fog is everywhere, and the air is filled with paint. It is easy to feel excited. The cause has just started and controlled twelve hands. It can be said that it has slowly entered the track foundation and has spread a thin layer of sand.
Suddenly easy to stop with a frown andao "these two old guys seem to be unable to hold back for so many days and finally want to lead themselves in the past. I saw Nian Youlin coming and didn’t even see him, but I was careful enough."
Easy leisurely came to the west of the prison where two people lived. Seeing that there was no law around, they directly revealed the two houses side by side, but in ancient times, there was no smell of fireworks. Before the hospital, two people sat in bamboo chairs, and there was a chair next to them, which was really elegant.
"Turned out to be a prison captain, please sit down." Zhai old ghost walked over and pointed to the bamboo chair next to him.
Yi Qianfuquan said, "I have long heard that there are two predecessors in prison who have cultivated Yuan God, but it is a pity that fate happened to meet today. It is a great honor for the prisoners in the prison to riot that day, and I would like to thank the two predecessors for their help." Then I sat in a bamboo chair.
"The warden has a good eye, and even we can see that it is awesome to be born later." Johnson Qian gave a thumb.
"Where where where that day if it weren’t for the warden to start a large array of hands and feet" Zhai old ghost said humbly.
"I wish I were a little warden in front of two seniors. May I ask your name?" Yi asked.
"Old Zhai Yong old Qian Yuan" two people said respectively.
Yi andao "forever … far away … even a pseudonym claiming to be an old woman is only forty years old. These two people are being hunted and hiding here and even dare not name."
"Zhai Lao and Qian Lao live here. I think it’s a little austere. It’s better to move to my place. At least it’s much more spacious than here." Yi has no words to find words.
"I’ve lived here for five years, and I’m used to it." Zhai Yong said with a wave.
"I know very little about Yu Zhai and Qian Lao. When I first came, the Ministry didn’t say that I didn’t know what position I was taking?" Easy to say a diversion.
"Ha ha, the old couple’s prison was inconvenient to show up for the guardian’s post, and we came out to stop the prisoner riot that day," Qian Yuan said.
"Oh, so … ha ha, I was worried that there were no powerful figures in the prison. bring up the rear now knows that Zhai Lao and Qian Lao are relieved of my heart." Easy to laugh.
Suddenly Qian Yuan’s face became serious, and his eyes were green. He glanced at Yi’s body for a long time before he said, "I see that you have been injured and deposited for a long time. How can you not take care of yourself? I’m afraid it’s going to take root."
Easy to be seen by him for a while, the gap between the realms is too big, so he quickly stabilized his mind and didn’t make a fool of himself. When he looked away, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that this was the other Ma Wei.
Before easy to open my mouth to talk, Zhai Yong said with a smile, "We have been in prison for five years, and there are many foreign money in prison every year. I’m afraid the warden is new here and I’m not familiar with the situation. Don’t grind your hands and feet, or pick some natural resources to recuperate." There is something else in the words.
Yi Xin said, "Here comes the penis." He moved his bamboo chair all over his face and said, "Thanks for Zhai Lao’s kindness. I fell ill after repeated injuries. When I was entangled in worldly affairs, I didn’t take it out. Hehe, I have to keep my hands and feet clean and do things in a down-to-earth manner so as not to waste the Ministry’s training for me."
The third volume Three flowers gather at the top Chapter 51 Keep my rules
Zhai Yong picked his snow-white eyebrows and said, "You can’t say that. You just opened the fender that day. The public is responsible for the injury. Listen to me. Pick something good to recuperate. It’s also excusable for the public to do things. Others can’t say anything. If there is any gossip, please tell me and I will help you deal with it."
Qian Yuan went on to say, "If something like this happens in this prison later, it’s not easy to solve the problem. The prisoner is not a vegetarian. If there is a big incident, the prison staff can’t do it again and again, which is not good for your career."
After a pause, he added, in the past two days, we have studied whether the staff in a prison belongs to the old couple or whether it is better to forge a powerful magic weapon for the prison so as to prevent problems before they happen. What do you say? "
These two people left one sentence after another, and a lot of truth still holds up. If they didn’t hear the conversation that day, they really meant well.
Yi looked serious and said, "The two seniors can rest assured that it was two traitors in the prison that caused this accident. After the accident, I will pay more attention to the prohibition of human body and guarantee to prevent such incidents from happening."
Qian Yuan stared at Yi Pupil’s green mountain, and some gloomy bodies exuded an overwhelming momentum. He said, "I’m not afraid of 10,000, but I’m afraid I’ll forge a magic weapon to protect the prison. Anyway, we both eat more salt than you. Look at it in all aspects. It’s bound to happen. That’s settled."
Yi had been on the alert for a long time after that, and stood up to gather ShaQi and confronted him with a rebuff: "Is it good to forge magic weapons, but I can’t be the master without the approval of the Ministry? I’d better ask for instructions."
Zhai Yong’s white-browed handstand soared to the point where he said, "What does the Ministry approve? Visitors send a lot of things every time they come back here. If you are safe in prison, you will work harder to let those people donate some foreign money, such as refining materials, so that you are good and I am good." The last sentence is a threat.
Easy in the mind that hate ah, these two old deathlessly beating around the bush is the idea of refining materials. If you don’t give words, you may make any dispute against yourself. It can’t be said that you know the secret of the two people and take it as a threat. That is pure death. These two people have yuan gods
If it is feasible for a large array to deal with two people and make them fly ash, but it is not good to explain to everyone that this time, there has just been such a big twist that two people with yuan gods have died, so this position is not going to work.
Maybe the Ministry will kick down the ladder and sell itself, and Pan Qianli is eyeing it and watching it. You can’t do this unless you have to.
I’m afraid I’ll be stiff and ask for it. It’s hard to collect places and easy to pretend. "Well, I don’t know what materials are needed to refine magic weapons?"
The two men nodded with satisfaction. One man took out a piece of folded paper and handed it to Yi. He took it and opened it, then scanned it again. I was surprised. I didn’t expect them to need so much. Now I don’t have time to think about it.
Zhai Yong smoothed his eyebrows and walked over. "If this treasure is refined, don’t worry about it."
Yi gently shook his clothes and said, "In that case, give it to the two seniors."
Qian Yuan laughed. "Good time, then we will wait for your good news."
"Farewell" is easy to hold a few punches to the two men and then turn around and walk away. When I return to my residence, I can read my mind right and dry Kun’s deputy order. After listening carefully, I can easily show my contemplation. These two old ghosts want to forge a magic weapon to hide their own breath and then go out to avoid being discovered by their enemies. What does it mean to listen to the words and be chased by people? These two people are very mysterious. What is the route? Leak the news. What news? After that, I have to observe and snoop frequently so that I can master the secrets of the two people bit by bit.
Two people need a lot of refining materials, and they can’t all benefit from it for nothing. If the right materials are used to refine two magic weapons to control the Yuan God, maybe they can control two people by increasing the array.
Now, it’s not easy to handle affairs after controlling 13 prisoners without magic weapons. Since we have got the warden’s position together, we have to search for gifts from prisoners in prison. It’s only natural to handle affairs.
Yi Shennian turned a circle in the prison and went to the door. When his face changed into an order, thirteen hands came in. After a while, people came in one after another in the room, dressed in black suits, but his head was slightly low. It was a negative emotion to look bitter, fearful, hateful and so on.