meet force with force
The solid ring was half collapsed by powerful forces.
Neither King Jinlun nor Guo Jing retreated.
End of power test
The two are neck and neck.
The first chapter with integrity to diabolical
Guo Jing and King Jinlun both belong to powerful fighters. When they fight, Park Su-hua makes great efforts to sink their fists until the meat makes people feel excited.
The solid challenge ring was completely collapsed after being bombarded several times by Guo Jing and King Jinlun.
The spectators of all the major factions are frightened. It is good to have Guo Daxia in the Great Song Dynasty. Otherwise, if they meet this Mongolian Golden Wheel Buddhist, even if they are together, they may not be rivals.
It seems that Guo Daxia’s "the first day" is indeed a real name.
The people sitting on the high platform are very nervous except the two great masters Chen Yan and Siba, even Li Zhe is no exception.
Li Zhe heart andao "The Golden Wheel French King is really fierce. He was not so strong in those days. Now the odds of me and the Golden Wheel French King fighting alone are less than four achievements. It is very difficult for Guo Daxia to win. The whole Song Wulin can stabilize the Golden Wheel French King. Maybe there is a gentleman."
Huang Rong looked a little worried. She was worried that Guo Jing would be injured in Guo Jing, and it didn’t matter if he could win Huang Rong in the end.
Anyway, in the Wulin of the Great Song Dynasty, there is Yan Yan who can’t stand the sky.
True brothers have the most complicated expressions.
You know, true religion is the first family in the world, and its prestige and power are even better than Shaolin Temple and Beggars’ Sect.
But that was before.
After Wang Zhongyang died, Shinrikyo went uphill.
Now really teach the real strong to have a Zhou Botong.
Zhou Botong knows how to play.
It’s a master in the true seven rivers and lakes, but compared with Guo Jing Jinlun French King, the gap is not a packet.
The little dragon girl went out of the tomb for the first time, and this time she came to attend the Wulin Congress to gain a little knowledge. Yang Guo gave her health care guidance very early.
Xiao Long’s female sexual purity and lack of desire are unusually calm, and Gu Jing is very suitable for practicing Chen Yan’s health guidance.
Her skill is better than that of Li Mochou in those days. Many little dragon girls have taken health promotion as their major achievement method. She thinks this achievement method is even more powerful than the Jade Girl Heart Sutra.
Yang Guo stared intently at Guo Jing’s contest with King Jinlun.
The little dragon girl said, "If you practice hard in the future, you will definitely reach the level of your uncle Guo."
Yang Guo nodded. "Aunt said that we don’t lack achievement methods. When we have enough, we can definitely be as strong as Guo Bobo and them."
Guo Jing and King Jinlun once again slapped each other.
Two people back a few steps at the same time.
King Jinlun said, "Guo Daxia’s fierce and overbearing reputation is worthy of the name, but it is a bit impossible to beat the Buddhist."
Guo Jing said seriously, "Guo Mopei, the martial arts master, although I can’t win the national master, the national master can’t win me either. Why don’t we call this game a draw?"
It must be a lose-lose result to keep calling.
Guo Jing didn’t expect such a result. He would win, but he didn’t expect to underestimate the Golden Wheel French King.
King Jinlun said with a smile, "Guo Daxia joked that there is always a winner to win a contest. Can he give up because his opponent’s skill is equal to his own? That’s not really Mushatokoro. "