A few golden dumplings flew out from the belt and jumped on the head, which was bigger than them. Five or six golden dumplings touched their heads and tails and intertwined with each other. In the process, they kept rolling and excited dragons, which almost blew away the clouds in the plain.

Six-legged tortoises, turtles, turtles, backs, fourteen wearing clothes, thousands of magical apes, hands, faces and smiles, and more than twenty red-faced snow bees are jumping around them from time to time, and their haircuts have reached the fourteenth order, which is far better than that of red-faced snow Han’s thousands of magical apes, but one of them is not different. One of them even reached out and caught a red-faced bee that just flew three inches long, and it was only after some frolicking that the red-faced bee was released.
Watching Li Dongyang from a distance finally put a stone in his heart. He knew that Xi Fangping had enough ability to train a terrible monster beast army in 130 to discuss the matter with them for a whole month. It was because most of the monks at the end of the gods didn’t believe that Xi Fangping could have a lot of ability to leave animals in the celestial world. To be honest, even Li Dongyang didn’t believe that he agreed that the celestial warfare was just to recognize Hunyuanzong’s celestial warfare. Since it was so late, it would be better to fight early. Now he believes that Xi Fangping is really a dragon turtle with him, and he will win more.
Looking at Xi Fangping in the excitement, Li Dongyang nodded slightly. He didn’t say goodbye to Xi Fangping. He just left the fairy beast star Li Dongyang knows very well. Now it’s a bit of a hindrance to stay in the fairy beast star. It’s better to be single and let Xi Fangping live a good life.
Hunyuan Sect suddenly turned from wanton expansion to line defense, which caused a sensation in the field of repair. They not only withdrew the competition for some small planets, but even the Tiens Star Domain troops withdrew back. You know, Hunyuan Sect has occupied an absolute advantage in Tiens Star Domain after the Battle of Shenmu Star, which forced Tianpai to send troops from all over the world to reinforce all the monks. However, it was unexpected that Hunyuan Sect was willing to let the monks fight on a larger scale in Tiens Star Domain.
Not only that, Hunyuanzong interrupted their previous business, but also blocked all deliveries to their planet. Hunyuanzong has been the largest source of Dan medicine needed by monks for more than 10 thousand years. This sudden interruption of trade has caused the price of Dan medicine in the repair world to soar, and most of the high-quality Dan medicine has been out of stock, which has caused considerable inconvenience to monks.
There are rumors all over the fix-the-true circle. The monks have said that the three presidents and vice presidents of Hunyuan Sect are in conflict because of the uneven distribution of benefits, which is more than fighting with each other. Of course, this rumor was deliberately released by Zhang Yiming, which can explain why Hunyuan Sect suddenly adopted a closed-door policy.
However, several high-level sects of Hunyuan Sect, which are very close to Hunyuan Sect, received a petition from the Presbyterian Church of Hunyuan Sect, asking them to recruit their younger brothers to join the real army at noon as much as possible at the centennial point to prepare for the war. Those high-level sects are all old scoundrels and slippery people, and they turned their sects to the wartime mechanism without knowing it.
The planet where Hunyuan Sect belongs has set off a vigorous training upsurge. A few years ago, the disciples of Hunyuan Sect were able to observe the door but were difficult to fix the truth. They happily became Hunyuan Sect brothers with the blessing of their elders and practiced around the clock under the leadership of nearly 20 thousand deified monks in Hunyuan Sect.
A large number of brothers from the Xiuzhen family were recruited and put into the upsurge of collecting all kinds of materials. Several materials were collected and sent to Hunyuan Star, and dozens of the largest and most important planets were processed into all kinds of powerful magic weapons, which were distributed to Hunyuan Zongxin’s younger brother. Xi Fangping brought a lot of materials from the magic star, especially those too inflammatory stones that have long been extinct in other planets. However, the number of too inflammatory stones in Xi Fangping’s belt is 10,000 Jin, and it takes several two too inflammatory stones to count, which can greatly improve the magic weapon power. How many magic weapons can this large number of too inflammatory stones be refined?
After 500 years of hard work, Xi Fangping has accumulated a huge amount of Lingcao, which has also played an important role. These Lingcao, which has absorbed a lot of fairy spirits, is obviously much better than Hunyuan Sect’s own Lingcao quality. Plus Hunyuan Sect’s first alchemy technology in the repair world, these Lingcao functions have been fully played.
More than 1,000 Kowloon columns in the belt were directly melted, and more than 2 million Jin of Geng Jing was taken out and added to tens of millions of magic weapons. For Hunyuan Sect, which has been taking the offensive, these Kowloon columns are not much. Hunyuan Sect brothers always think that the best defense is attack.
It takes a lot of energy to build the Kowloon array, but it is more realistic to form a huge and powerful army of monks. Some of the Kowloon pillars are dead and the army of monks is alive. Who has expanded more than 10,000 years? Hunyuan Zongdi is whiter than anyone.
However, for a well-informed monk like Zhang Yiming at the end of his life, the real change of Hunyuan Sect does not lie in some seemingly ordinary magic weapons, such as breath-holding, Yi-shu, thunder-driving, water-bending, etc., because their power has deteriorated for a long time. After Xi Fangping sorted out the original magic words recorded in Hunyuan Sect’s classics, the strength of Hunyuan Sect’s younger brother should be changed to a higher level.
All this was done in an extremely closed environment. As the outside world knew, Hunyuan Sect suddenly adopted a contraction defense strategy, and Tianpai and other sects raised their glasses to celebrate the benefits. This is a rare opportunity. Tianpai not only completely controlled Tiens’ star field, but also plundered the whole fix-up world for only a few decades, and the planet controlled by Tianpai has unconsciously reached more than a thousand. "At the same time, when Hunyuan Sect was out of phase, the power in the hands of Tianpai moved to the three sects, Taiyi Sect, and continuously harassed and seized many Taiyi Sect leaders and others. In the past few decades, the planet controlled by Taiyi Sect has been reduced from more than 3,000 to more than 1,000. Without the balance of Hunyuan Sect, Taiyi Sect has joined forces with dozens of sects to attack, and it has been beaten alive from a big sect to a medium sect, which is no longer a threat to Tianpai.
Fifteen years have passed so lightly, and the whole field of the fix-true has undergone earth-shaking changes. The original school has been suppressed by Hunyuan Sect. In the past fifteen years, the influence of Heaven Sect has increased dramatically, which has vaguely replaced Hunyuan Sect and become the largest sect in the fix-true field. In the past fifteen years, the whole field of the fix-true can’t hear anything but the brothers of Heaven Sect smirk.
Dressed in black, black trousers and a heavenly brother, Xi Fangping is flying slowly in the evening star. The mask he wears is sallow, his beard is white and his face is wrinkled. He is still a monk in the early days of Yuan Ying, which is extremely common and unpopular in the field of repair. This black dress clearly shows that even if he repairs lower, his background is still noble.
The purpose of Xi Fangping’s trip is to go back to the Magic Star and get Suzaku and Xuan Bing Tianlian back as much as possible. It’s been 250 years since Suzaku was planted. The aura of Hunyuan Sect is about 20 times that of the outside world, and it’s still pure fairy. Suzaku normally blooms after 5,000 years, just like Xuan Bing Tianlian. It should be available in Hunyuan Sect in about 250 years. Now it should be just right when you go back to pick it.
Before leaving Hunyuanxing, Xi Fangping specially found Zhang Yiming and told Zhang Yiming about his commitment to Xi Ji’s firm buddy and the seven sects to destroy the magic star. Zhang Yiming had no opinion at all, and Xi Fangping stood up and ran’s grandfathers and grandfathers didn’t have this little face even if they had any strength. Even Hunyuanzong didn’t dare to speak out of turn and get a few planets. Zhang Yiming immediately said that once things were successful, he would directly send the sixteen small planets to destroy the magic star The only condition for the seven sects of Star is that they have to accept the leadership of Hunyuan Sect in name, and Xi Fangping has no problem with this. After all, although the Hornet Star is a remote place, it is very meaningful to Hunyuan Sect, that is, the birthplace of Hunyuan Sect and the only way for them to destroy the magic star in the holy land. Xi Fangping can hear that Zhang Yiming’s meaning is quite simple. After defeating the Heavenly Sect, they will protect the magic star, which is equivalent to protecting a memorial. It is also a good idea to let the seven sects guard this door for Hunyuan Sect.
All the way, it seems that the depression of the Pleiades is still only a little bit. Although the war in Tiens Star Field has ended, it still has a considerable impact on the Tianling Sect.
After all, the war lasted for more than 1000 years, and it consumed a lot of manpower and material resources to kill my brother. More importantly, they finally took Tiens Star Field, but it was not their Tiens Star School, but their Tiens Star School character. Obviously, they wouldn’t give such a big fat to Tiens, even if they barely belonged to a sect. Therefore, they argued for several years that Tiens Star School only occupied a few small places in Tiens Star Field. I’m sorry that the small planet gained so much compared with the huge manpower and material resources invested by Tiens School. It’s too small. There’s no way to make up for their losses. How can small arms and legs compete with other people’s heavenly factions? Heaven sent Naidi to swallow this bitter fruit, and the consequences of this bitter fruit have been clearly shown
Along the way, many towns have almost been inhabited, and the land that has been carved out to grow low-grade Lingcao has been abandoned. However, the number of low-grade monster beasts has gradually increased. Xi Fangping saw with his own eyes that there were several low-grade monster beasts that had been repaired during the condensation period and dug things to eat in places where herbs had been planted. In the past, it was impossible for those low-grade monster beasts to dare to do so. If they dared to do so, they would have been killed and roasted by the celestial spirits. When they passed through some crowded towns, several celestial spirits sent their brothers to fly and intercept them, but when they saw Xi Fang. Stand up, which represents the identity of the heavenly brother, dressed in black, and they all behave the same way. They jump and leave without thinking, and ignore the reason. People in the fix-up world, especially those close to the heavenly brother, know that the arrogance of the heavenly brother is famous, and even if they provoke a little monk in the early days, the consequences will be quite terrible.
In this way, Xi Fangping swaggered all the way to fly the root without being intercepted. When it was about one Wan Li away from the array, Xi Fangping held her breath and moved forward carefully. At the same time, powerful gods released and carefully detected everything around her. Fortunately, the sending of the array to the Cape Star had been abandoned for about a hundred years, and the Tianling sent people had already forgotten all about it. In addition, they suffered heavy losses in the war, and they had to desperately suppress various small sects. Then one after another, the rebel roots could not send strength to patrol this barren area.
Xi Fangping came to the sending array thrillingly, where the sending array was still hidden among the flowers. Compared with more than ten years ago, those flowers and plants were more lush, and there were more monsters in the forest. Make sure that Ann Xifangping carefully looked around, and there were no traces of the existing monks’ activities. It seems that the spirit faction really forgot this place in autumn, and it is also the spirit faction. Now all she thinks about is to make sure that most of their troops are sent to other planets, and other things can be put aside for the time being.
In order to ensure that it is enough to get back to the Cape Star when you arrive, but after coming here all the way smoothly, Xi Fangping calculated that there are still about ten days before Sheikh and others meet and send the array, and there is no way for Xi Fangping to find a place to meditate and adjust his breath nearby.
After the appointed time, Xi Fangping changed. Before the Cape Star used to dress and wear masks, he couldn’t wait to take out a hundred pieces of lingshi from the bag and put it on the base surface. There was a buzzing sound, and at the same time, there was a tiny light in the middle of the ball. Xi Fangping’s big send-off array has started, which means that everything is normal over there in Sheikh. If something really happens over there, he took several measures to get out the good situation, and the blink of an eye was gone.
Xi Fangping stopped hesitating and hurriedly went to a powerful pressure from the top of his head, and easily resisted the pressure. When the pressure disappeared, Xi Fangping heard an ecstatic voice before he opened his eyes. "It’s the boss. The boss is back. The boss is back."
Chapter two hundred and thirty To destroy the magic star ()
Fang Ping opened his eyes in front of him. Park Wen and Gu Ling’s salary were hanging in the deep temple. His right hand was holding a powerful magic weapon on his head, and his left hand was holding a few top lightning bolts. His eyes were tightly watching the array, showing irresistible joy. There were also two hundred yuan infant monks around them, who were equally armed with magic weapons and lightning bolts.
XiFangPing ha ha laugh "old friend PiaoDaoYou more than ten years not see everything ok? Welcome your boss with such a big formation. "Gu Lingyi waved his hand for 200 yuan, and the monk took back the lightning and magic weapon as quickly as possible, and then Park Wen-zhu greeted him and almost hugged Xi Fangping." Boss, you said you would come back in a few years, but this trip is more than ten years, and we still have you trapped like this again. "
Although Park Wengui is not good at talking, his eyes are glowing with light. Obviously, he is also very excited. Xi Fangping walked off and put his arms around Gu Lingyi and Park Wenzhu. "What about Xie Daoyou who has suffered for decades?"
"A bitter stick to the true spirit island. It’s time for the two of us to come and send the array and prevent the enemy from coming out." Gu Lingyi said excitedly with a tight grip on Fang Ping’s shoulder.
XiFangPing nodded. "Yes, you have done quite well. Whether I have to guard against the future or not, it’s always good. This formation is really going to fight. Only a few hundred top-level lightning can kill one or two Godsworn in the middle period."
Pu Wengui asked softly, "How’s the boss’s little thing going?"
XiFangPing nodded. "It’s okay. Everything goes well. Let’s not talk about finding Xie Daoyou on the True Spirit Island."
Hearing this, Gu Lingyi hurriedly ran to the array and took the array flag. When he followed Xi Fangping, Yu Lingyi was very satisfied with his behavior. In his mind, Gu Lingyi has always been a careless person. I didn’t expect him to be quite careful.
Sheikh may not be the best monk with equal qualifications or the strongest monk, but he is definitely a management talent. Although he has no site, he trades to connect 26 sects of Arcturus into Arcturus. One of them has the strongest financial resources. Every year, the income of Arcturus is almost 7 billion pieces of Lingshi, and various repairs of Zhenling Island can be piled up like a mountain. After the specialty products of various sects such as Taiyin Stone are circulated in the major sects, they have greatly promoted the contact among the major sects, which has also greatly promoted the strength of the major sects.
In a secret room in Zhenling Island, four people, including Xi Fangping, sat around and drank a cup of tea. After that, Xi Fangping said softly, "I’ve joined Hunyuanzong, and Hunyuanzong has promised that you will be Hunyuanzong’s official brothers when it’s done."