Many monks can also see the scene clearly.

Sumegan is not dead!
I don’t know when he has taken out a brand-new blue shirt from his bag and put it on again.
The right hand burned by the flint hides the wide robe sleeve.
People can’t see that this palm bone breeds a series of bright green vitality and is madly repairing wounds!
Calm returned to the depths of the volcano.
Su Mo’s black hair and blue hair are still the same. The stone in front of him has disappeared.
"Not dead?"
Xie Qingcheng, Dean Lao, Yuanzuo County King, White Sea Fairy and many other fairy strong people are stunned and incredible.
Even the true fairy Schelling stood on the spot and didn’t know what had just happened.
"Look at the change in the first heavy day!"
Someone exclaimed
On the first heavy day, the Central Plains is preventing many fairies from wantonly killing lava giants, like the fire finches, which have been hit by something, and their eyes are dim and they are falling apart!
The huge body of the lava giant burst into thick, boiling magma and spilled it on the ground.
The fire finches also dissipated into red clouds floating in the sky like sunset clouds.
"This is … fluorite was suppressed?"
True fairy Xie Ling blinked and whispered.
There is only one possibility to explain the present scene!
That is to say, this Sumo will put fluorite into the sea of knowledge, but it will be suppressed!
Schelling guessed about the same.
The sparkling stone was stuffed into the sea of knowledge by Su Mo and directly swallowed up by the town prison tripod.
Not only suppressed, but also being refined by the town prison tripod!
You can’t use magic weapons in cloud nine.
However, it is not illegal for the town prison tripod to complete all this in the sea, and even the rules of ascended the heavens and the earth have not moved and acquiesced in his actions.
"This this …"
The king of Yuanzuo County was stunned for a long time and gradually reacted to say something, but his brain was a little confused and he consciously said, "This is not good, is it?"
Baihai Tianxian unfolded a folding fan and sank, "The sparkling stone in Xieling Hall is the foundation of the ninth heaven. How can you let it be taken away casually?"
"This …"
Schelling thoughtfully remained silent.
Next to a sneer at.
Yun Ting pie mouth. "In my opinion, the rules of cloud nine are just talk. You can’t just take what’s inside or someone will feel distressed."
Yun Ting’s words are ironic to Xie Ling and Yan Yangxian.
The true fairy Xie Lingshen took a deep breath and didn’t get angry. He suddenly smiled and laughed. "I have a rich foundation in the country of the sun, and it’s not a big deal that I can afford it back."
Saying this sentence means that the matter can’t be pursued again.
Yuanzuo County King and Baihai Fairy can sit back again.
The king of Yuanzuo County sneered, "Even if you get the fluorite stone, what can you do? That battle just now consumed a lot of cards and ruined a palm. I want to see how he can compete for the land list!"
At this time, Sumo returned to the crater from the depths of the volcano through heavy magma.
He took out the token in the bag and took a look.
He was the first party to delay this for a while, and now he has fallen behind to 200 thousand!
Su Mo looks as usual.
These are all within his control.
This time, the Nine Heavenly Keys is to get this fluorite stone, which can make the town prison tripod be supplemented.
The strength of the fluorite stone coincides with the creatures on one side of the tripod wall
Almost swallowed the fluorite stone and suppressed it. At the moment, the grain of Suzaku’s holy spirit on the tripod wall flashed red!