Uneasy and expecting

He also remembers the second Champions League final.
All his attention was on the weather during that game.
He doesn’t know if it will rain, because it may mean that fate has changed.
At that time, he didn’t care about anything else, so he had to compete with God and fate.
Finally, he won.
Then there’s the third scene.
Unlike the previous two games, he appeared calm in this final.
He is not nervous and excited, nor does he care about other external things.
But this calm also made him a little worried.
Because he is not excited at all.
This is the Champions League final!
Even if you’re not nervous, you should be a little excited, right
After all, it is the highest honor in European football …
He wondered if he had taken victory and championship for granted.
This is his biggest worry.
In the dressing room of Lazio, the training base of Vermelot, there is such a sentence.
"Victory is addictive, guys."
This is what Chang Sheng once said to Lazio when he just taught them.
This sentence is also the creed of Lazio team in recent years.
One victory after another and one champion after another will make people addicted and willing to continue to enjoy this feeling and work hard.
All the people left, but more people stayed.
Because they are really addicted.
They are all victory addicts.
However, if the leader of the winning team has lost the feeling of winning, how can he lead the team and the team to continue their struggle for victory if their hearts are no longer full of those wonderful moments and crazy jumps in football matches?
What qualifications does he have to ask his players to work hard in training and play hard on the court?
Why should the phrase "victory is addiction" continue to hang on the locker room wall?
He’s worried
Very worried about this.
If the victory is gone for him, he will lose the motivation to move on.
When work and competition become routine every day-he feels very broken to think that this day will last for decades.
This will make him go from liking football to hating it.
Maybe I feel sick at the sight of football.
Just like batistuta retired and never watched a football game again.
He is worried that he will become like this.
Because he really likes football.
This is his job, but it is also his hobby.
How many people can always do what they like for decades?
If it comes to that, he may have to announce his retirement himself.
After winning all the champions before the age of 40, he suddenly felt that the sport was boring for him and announced his retirement … If he did, it would be the most sensational news in world football …
But he doesn’t want to be such a news person.
Of course, he doesn’t have any actual evidence now. He just thinks it’s too quiet. Will it be a problem?
People get a little suspicious in middle age …