The power gap is too big, and the guards are thousands of pounds strong, and the roots are not enough in front of the master fighters.

Small round eyes with resentment sword to liguan.
Liguan sneered, "You are a good swordsman, but your speed is too slow and your strength is too weak to pose a threat to the seat structure."
Xiao Yuan’s swordsmanship is good, but her cultivation is first-class. Li Guangen didn’t look at her.
"Ding …"
The sword stabbed liguan, and a huge force came from the tip of the sword, and the small round arm was numb.
Li Guan caught a claw at Xiaoyuan. If he was caught by this claw, he would die.
Small round eyes with despair guru fighters really can’t compete.
Just then …
A clear sword sounded and liguan’s hair exploded and his back was numb.
"It’s the danger of firm but gentle"
Liguan felt great danger and could take back his paw and hit a palm behind him.
Shock wave collided with paw print, and the outbreak of innate qi caused a storm.
The guards’ guns were scattered by the true innate qi, and Xiaoyuan was also saved.
Liguan looked at the snow-white figure and was shocked by "innate fighters!"
People fencing is very high, but firm but gentle is also influenced by innate qi. This person is suspected to be an innate fighter.
Xiaoyuan shouted "Big Miss" when she saw the beautiful white image not far away.
It was Wang Qing who saved Xiaoyuan.
Wang Qing’s most critical moment has finally arrived.
Wang Qing glanced at the escort who was killed by liguan and said to Xiaoyuan with Shaqi in his eyes, "Xiaoyuan, you take people to kill those blood drops. Don’t leave liguan this old thing. I’ll deal with it."
Xiao Yuan nods, "It’s Miss Big."
Xiaoyuan also wants to help Wang Qing, but her martial arts are first-class, and the roots in front of the master fighters are not enough. Now I hope that all the departments will fall to Wang Qing.
His escort were also very excited when they saw Wang Qing coming.
"The eldest young lady is a master, and she will surely defeat the old thief."
All the escorts are convinced that Wang Qing will win.
Xiaoyuan said to the escorts, "Don’t let go of all those blood drops if you can still fight with me."
There are more than 30 armed guards who can fight. He can’t make any mistakes by forming a gun array, and then he can kill more than a dozen blood drops.
"Yes," the escorts attacked the master of blood drops with pike.
They were humbled just now, and now it’s time to counterattack.
Li Guan secretly hated that Wang Qing would arrive at this time and she became a master fighter.
It’s only six years ago, Wang Qing didn’t know any martial arts, but now he has become a master. It’s terrible to cultivate talent like this.
"Wang Qing, you remnants of the power are really tough. It’s really not easy to kill you." liguan sneered. "Six years ago, your brother Wang Yue was like this, and now you are like this. I didn’t expect that in just a few short years, you became a master. If I had known that, I would kill you no matter how much I spent that year."
And the court has been a menace to the master.
The Manchu court controlled the whole day, but there were only two master fighters in the palace
Wang Qing’s sword pointed at liguan and said with a smile, "If everyone can predict the latter, wouldn’t this world be so interesting? Six years ago, my brother killed the master of blood drops and you fled. I wonder if you and my sword can retreat safely today?"
Liguan was livid and defeated by Wang Yue six years ago. He always thought it was a great shame for him. You know, Wang Yue was still a half-step master at that time.
"What a big breath," Li Guan roared. "I don’t believe that your fencing can reach your brother’s level."