"Hey, hey, now I’m practicing this evil corpse mountain range for a month, and this base has a harvest every day." Muttered Han Chen looked at the more than 100 animal cores, large and small, and smiled nai.

But at this time, suddenly Han Chen also found that a rather horrible breath was coming towards this side.
"hmm? What’s the matter? " Eyebrows puckered slightly Han Chen quickly got up and looked at a black shadow piercing the sky and immediately appeared Han Chen’s hill.
"Human? Did you kill my black corpse general? " A new breath appeared in front of Han Chen, and a pair of lux eyes stared at Han Chen like two bells.
"So what?" Corners of the mouth slightly lifted Han Chen looked at the sudden appearance of the shadow in front of him and saw that this figure was filled with black gas and armor, filled with earth breath.
Concentrate on the soul
"Since you killed my black corpse, I will kill you and refine it into a black corpse. My black corpse, General Wang Xin, is a black corpse." The black shadow looked at Han Chen but it seemed that Han Chen would be eaten.
"Ha ha, if you want to kill me, just come" shrugged his shoulders, but Han Chen smiled thoughtfully. If you put it before, this black corpse king still has some threats to Han Chen, but now it is a threat.
"Die" seems to have been angered by Han Chen’s words. Generally, Han Chen’s face also has a ponder smile. When his body flashes quickly and hits the black corpse king. Chapter 347 War Black corpse king [seeking gold medal]
Body flashing black body flashing is the appearance of the black corpse king’s front hand suddenly grasping and going to the earth offensive to set off a strong breeze crashing.
"I didn’t expect that you, a mere human being, should cultivate such strength." I felt that Han Chen’s offensive was of the earth, and the black corpse king was also a little surprised. He quickly spread out his palm, filar silk, black vitality and fierce breath, which was taken to the former.
Bang …
Black breath Han Chen slams together. Han Chen’s face hasn’t changed. It’s an attempt to stop the black corpse king from attacking.
"Hum" cold hum a Han Chen horror in my heart. The surface strength of this black corpse king is really severe, and it can suppress Han Chen briefly against this day and place.
"Today, I’ll suck the essence of your blood, and then I’ll let you make a mummy. You can’t beg for death for survival." Han Chen felt queasy because of the foul smell in the mouth of the black corpse king.
"Ha ha, it seems that I can kill you completely today, except for the future trouble." The light sound slowly came to Han Chen’s face, but it was quite a ponder look.
"Drink" lightly, a smile on Han Chen’s face slowly converges and takes its place as a fanatical look.
Bang …
The whole body’s vitality instantly explodes, and Han Chen’s body’s lux vitality is mixed with golden thunder, which gives people a mysterious feeling. The right hand quickly spreads its vitality and gathers to form an illusory lux dragon. The lux dragon roared and slammed into the black corpse king.
"Hum" cold hum that black corpse king also seems to know Han Chen’s fierce dragon palm. Generally, his whole body is also quickly covered up by a touch of painted black corpse gas.
"Black corpse blows" The new sound came from the mouth of the black corpse king, and soon he saw the black smell all over him. Soon a huge mouth with evil corpses appeared on his head, and two new fangs flashed with new cold light.
Looking at the whole body wrapped in black gas, the illusory evil corpse Han Chen’s face is also a gathering of vitality in one hand, and soon he quickly put his fingers together.
Nowadays, Han Chen’s display of a finger can be described as handy. Therefore, in a short moment, a thick and vigorous finger appeared in front of Han Chen, and the frightening breath of his finger suddenly spread to make people feel afraid.
Bang …
The corners of the mouth slightly lifted Han Chen’s mind, and the energetic fingers were carrying harsh sounds and screaming at the illusory evil resin.
Snoop …
The imaginary noise of the imaginary evil corpse collided with the finger, but it didn’t ring. At this time, the moonlight enveloped an imaginary finger not far away, and the stalemate in the imaginary evil corpse was also a corrosive sound.
"Huh?" His face changed slightly. Han Chen knew that it was his own attack and was corroded by resin gas. The unreal black resin was formed by resin gas.
"It seems that this guy is not so easy to deal with." He shrugged his shoulders, but Han Chen’s face was worried. Of course, he is now fighting capacity. If he seriously deals with this black corpse king, he can also make a quick decision. But at this time, he is to hone his fighting will and give up the idea of a quick decision.
"Three Thousand Dragon Thunder Boxing of Wushu" whispers a Han Chen in my heart, and it is also to see that his Linxi refers to being blasted inch by inch by an unreal black corpse. The horror ratio is that the unreal evil corpse is slammed against Han Chen, but when the unreal evil corpse is about to appear in front of Han Chen, Han Chen’s body suddenly moves narrowly to avoid the attack of the unreal evil corpse, and he also quickly leans out of his right hand. A dragon with a red breath flashes all over his hand, and a golden thunder appears in his palm. Like earthworms, it keeps drilling into the dragon body to shock people’s energy fluctuations.
Bang …
The dragon slammed into the illusory evil resin, and the evil resin was as fast as porcelain.
"Hum" to see the illusory evil resin disappear Han Chen is also a cool smile. When the mind moves, the dragon is once again screaming at the black resin king.
"Knowing that children are unappreciative" feels that Han Chen’s recruit is of the earth, but the black corpse king is cold and cold, but suddenly he drinks it. Suddenly, his whole body is polluted by thick black sticky substances, and the rancid smell is constantly spreading out, and soon one by one, the ferocious black corpse is forming.
"What is this? Black corpse? " Han Chen’s face remains the same, but it has a bit of shock. These black corpses are more than a dozen, and each force is equivalent to the five realms of soul-condensing.
"Well, in that case, I’ll have fun with you." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and his face suddenly turned cold. A black figure roared out in front of him and appeared on the ground with deep footprints at a steady pace.
Corpse puppet
"In that case, I also don’t mention it. Go to the resin puppet." With a faint smile, Han Chen’s heart is also suddenly fuelling the resin puppet. His face smile is also full of pondering.