Chilling to the bone, Sumo shivered uncontrollably.

His face was pale, his lips were purple and blue, and he staggered forward, not to mention his posture. Even walking became difficult.
"I’m afraid I’ll be in the grave today."
Sue ink eyelid heavy line of sight has become a bit fuzzy in the heart a sigh.
His cards are on the verge of desperation, and now even the town jail tripod can’t save him.
Chapter two hundred and ten Soul lamp!
The old man in black robe laughed again. "Stop struggling, even if I don’t do it, you’re dead!"
"I made a face, and the curse of the tomb of the Emperor has penetrated into the bone marrow of your viscera. You are already a dead man!"
The old man in black realized that Su Mo was a caged bird, but he was no longer in a hurry. He followed Su Mo closely behind him, smelling the fresh soul and intoxicated.
Su Mo nibbled at the tip of her tongue and tried to stay awake.
Normally, their cultivation realm is very low, and when they enter the tomb of the emperor, the curse will not penetrate into the body, so that they have a chance to drive away and save their lives.
Once the curse of the tomb penetrates into the flesh and blood, it will be dangerous
Not to mention infiltrating into the bone marrow of viscera!
The old man in black was half right.
The cursing power of the Emperor’s Tomb did penetrate into Su Mo’s flesh and blood and stained the viscera and bones, but it seemed to be blocked by some force and did not go further.
Su Mo still hasn’t given up biting his teeth and moved on.
But the old man in black has become impatient.
"Hum, I want to see how long you can last!"
The black-robed old man sneered at a black robe and shook it. Hundreds of faces fell off and flew towards Su Mo. It will be submerged in an instant!
These grimaces open their mouths and show their sharp teeth to bite Su Mo.
Every bite of Violet Yuan Shen is dim!
You don’t have to wait for the black-robed old man to make moves. Just these hungry faces can make Su Mo eat clean.
Just then Sue ink heart movement suddenly remind of something.
He took out a jade charm from the bag and held it in his palm.
This jade symbol exudes a brilliance that envelops him.
"ah! Ah! Ah! "
The original Su Moshen gnawed at a face as if she had suffered great pain. She let go and screamed and turned around and fled.
In an instant, these faces flew out of the range of jade Fuguanghua.
These grimaces braved the smoke and became much weaker.
Su Mo got a rare respite and couldn’t help but open his eyes and look at the old man in black.
The black-robed old man looks gloomy.
He saw that the jade charm exuded brilliance, but he didn’t stop and said slowly, "You can stop me with this thing?"