Look at the fading sky and think about the distance between the college and here. Rosfer is so resigned that he will follow the night feather into the wall door.

Pass the invitation to Ye Yu and Luo Sifu, and see a building in front of them. The building outside is like a church and a castle, surrounded by various flower beds and grass walls. The tower at the top of the auditorium is also inlaid with a huge golden bell. If you don’t talk, no one will think that such a solemn place will be a dirty slave market.
There are several winding and staggered corridors in the entrance. After seeing the top crystal bank card of Night Feather, the beautiful waitress led them to an eastern corridor. They were not surprised at what they were wearing. They knew clearly that a person’s wealth could not be judged by his clothes.
After all the way through the art corridor decorated with various famous paintings and sculptures, Rosfer was full of stars and night feathers in his eyes, and they were arranged to sit in the luxury box in Building No.5.
Inside the building, there is indeed an auditorium, the ceiling is hung, and the luxurious magic crystal chandelier is lined with curved seats around the semi-circular auction platform, while the building is a variety of boxes. However, it is more appropriate to say that it is an auditorium than a theater. Night Feather found that their box is right in front of the auction platform, but it is best to have farsighted magic in one direction. It is not a matter of distance to see all the seats. There are snacks and fruits on the left-hand side of the platform. Night Feather and Rose naturally eat like a pig while there are waiters and waitresses waiting in the dark. On the right hand side, there is a long square black box with a slender screen and a number button to confirm and cancel. A thin line extends from the surface to the ground to bring them here. The waitress explained that that is the number pressed by the auctioneer, which is the price you paid when you auctioned. If you confirm that the number displayed on the screen is correct, you can press the confirm button to bid, otherwise you can press the cancel button to cancel these. Only people in luxury boxes can bid in a unified way.
As the host walked, the noise around the auction table suddenly became quiet.
After a chat, the auction was official.
An auction is not just some elixir, magic nucleus, etc. Although Rosfer looks at the saliva and his eyes glow at night, he is short of interest. Who makes his uncles love to collect all kinds of curiosities? He has been very afraid to be interested in these ordinary people since he was a child ~
Then the slaves were auctioned off, but they were all very ordinary male slaves and female slaves. Some of them were still sallow and emaciated. The first batch was not a good thing. They stayed in the slave dungeon for the night, but they didn’t move at all. They watched the stage being driven away and flogged. Although he was a slave, he never bowed down, but he just lost his self-esteem and went with the flow without any resistance. The creature has long been numb to the world. It is a luxury and superfluous feeling for these roots to fight for biological sympathy.
It is very unwise to look for a person in the auditorium full of people, and there are luxury boxes for the night feather root method to find Peter. Although it can be locked by telepathy, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be discovered by this slave market. It is impossible for such a huge slave market to be discovered by a master wizard and a samurai. Let’s just consider him lucky and let you go for a while, Peter!
At this time, the last quivering figure in the slave team attracted his attention. His slave’s different clothes were tattered to the point where they could be covered slightly. His body was covered with whip marks, and there was hardly a trace of intact skin. His manager whipped him and staggered step by step, but a whip fell behind him with an unstable center of gravity. But he immediately pulled at him without stopping. Although he was in pain, he clenched his teeth without saying a word. His face flashed and then he struggled to get back to the team as if he were resigned. All night long, the slave watched him with an unyielding but resigned expression. He frowned around the night feather in front of his eyes.
The slave’s body was injured and dirty to death, and his worn-out body trembled like a horse was dying. No one wanted the slave owner to try it, so that the night feather at his desk could be photographed as soon as it was twice as hard as the reserve price. He could not go to collect the goods before the auction was over. The night feather was for Rosfer to take care of the slave himself, and he still stayed in the box. Rosfer felt as if he had become a night feather servant, and he was ordered to look at it with a sad smile. Innocent night feather, he also went.
Taiwan has changed from one slave to another, and the ornaments and looks of slaves have gradually improved. Most of them are brothel owners, and many nobles buy some to go back to be maids or vent pipes. Some of them become crazy when they see good-looking male slaves. The ladies are shouting high prices, and some slaves with abnormal looks are almost taken away by people in luxury boxes.
"When it is a special thing!" The host immediately cheered up with such a shout, and he would like to see what the so-called special things are.
Two cages were pushed to the stage, and Ye Yu was a little glad that Rosfer had to take care of the man first, because the cages in front of him were full of-half elves!
"As you can see, these are semi-elves. They have a beautiful figure and are unspeakable. It is an indispensable spice bed in life!" The host introduced the half elves in the cage and cried and trembled together.
Half-elves shouldn’t be said to be rejected by humans and elves. Half-blood hybrids are not proud of the world. Elves don’t like the smell of human beings. Half-elves covet their beauty and strength. They always like to catch them as pets or slaves. They often live in groups, avoiding elves and guarding against human beings. Similarly, half-blood hybrids are also secretly living. Of course, some people can’t see that half-blood hybrids live. Heather is an example among human beings. Like Rose, she organizes everyone and has certain strength not to be bullied.
It should be their neck rings that seal their magic. Night Feather pondered that even if they are so smart and half-elf, it is really hard to grasp the stage. There are only two half-fairies and one half-fairies. The two half-fairies seem to be twins with the same beautiful face, while the half-fairies bow their heads and can’t see their looks, so they can’t be much worse.
Auction is sister flowers first, and they are sold together. People in Taiwan are crazy about bidding for night feathers, but they are not interested. He knows it’s just a stomach dish, but he wants to return to it. Why don’t he press the auction button to give Rothfer more help to increase the new force? There are now more than five people in Rosfer’s organization, and they will be asked to do more than intelligence work themselves.
The host looked at the rising price of 1 gold coin and laughed. It’s great that he has 1/10% of everything he finished! At this time, the machine around me showed the auction price of No.5 luxury box! The host trembled and couldn’t restrain his excitement and screamed, "1 crystal coin 1 crystal coin!"
Suddenly there was silence. A crystal coin bought two slaves? ! That can buy the whole brothel and renovate it several times! Even aristocrats are not willing to spend this big price to buy two female slaves. They can buy better through other channels.
How? The bid is too high? Night feather doubts scratched his head. He doesn’t want to bid any more. And although he knows all kinds of prices very well, he has completely inherited his uncle’s business skills, but it’s his first contact with buyers and sellers.
Although it was regrettable that no one paid a high price, the host announced that the female half-elf owned it
Then there are men and half elves. Some experience night feather paid a gold coin price directly. I didn’t expect the table to be silent again. You know, the price of men and women slaves has to drop by 1 time, but if you can say it, you can’t take back the night feather or auction the man and half elves at a gold coin price.
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Chapter 14
Slave auctions are going on. There are even aphrodisiacs and aphrodisiacs in the medical instruments made by magic and alchemy … Taiwanese people are bidding fiercely, especially some elderly people are throwing caution to the wind and constantly shouting prices. Seeing these, Night Feather suddenly realized that the aphrodisiacs are so good to sell. Why didn’t he expect to sell them? And those magic tools, he tried to take out one at random, which is better than before. It seems that there will be no worries about the lack of funds in the future ~ ~ ~
Another cage was carried off the stage.
"oh! ! Oh! ! ! Oh! ! ! !” Taiwanese people screamed.
That cage turned out to be a beautiful mermaid! Glossy sea blue long hair hangs straight down to the feet to cover the shining fishtail hair. The cover is looming, white and almost penetrating the skin, which more lures men’s animal desires. The exquisite and beautiful face is now full of horror, long eyelashes are trembling, and drops of crystal tears are falling from the green eyes. But such a lovely expression is even more humiliating!