Knock, knock, knock …

A series of flips waved double hammer overlord armor on the rampage and smashed it. In front of it, the imperial mecha chased twelve duke armor.
Also blocked by the imperial mecha, the short-term roots can’t soar the speed, and the dukes can watch the overlord armor getting closer and closer to them.
Tungsten, steel, gold, war hammer, a duke’s armor head, and a tungsten-steel alloy-made mecha head were instantly smashed and flattened.
"I already told Li Yuanba not to use such violent weapons. He just wouldn’t listen to you. Look at how hard it is to repair his head."
Xingyue Ji Xinghe complained in her ear. Does it sound like she smashed it herself?
And she continued to chase and wave two hammers, either smashing or chopping.
"Master, why don’t I change my weapons? These Duke armour weapons are not bad, so it’s easy to repair them if they cause damage."
Xingyue’s careful calculation was rejected by Ji Xinghe.
"Duke A is of great value, but Li Yuanba’s participation in the war at this time is more valuable."
"I know all the truth," said the moon and the moon. "But the problem is that it won’t be long before the empire can determine that Li Yuanba can’t go to war, and it’s very likely that we might as well get more Duke armor while we are now, and I’ll kill them by myself."
"That’s why they should suspect that the information they get is false, otherwise they will definitely jam the communication device."
The question of the moon and the stars disappears
If she is strong, she must establish communication and keep the foundation. Whether it is Ji Xinghe, Li Yuanba’s division, or what she said, one man makes an army and wants the empire to make communication jamming devices useless.
Charge is equivalent to Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba’s combat power.
Although this is already strong, it is not really strong for the moon and the stars.
Duke Jia successfully broke away from the dogfight with many mecha and chose to flee in different directions.
Four Duke armour, three Marquis armour and eleven Earl armour, the moon and the moon have been smashed, but they have not given up and pursued the nearest Duke armour.
She doesn’t need to care about the independent regiment. Without the pressure brought by these dukes, Qin Tong and others will be liberated.
Moreover, it’s not just the remnants of Duke Jia who choose to escape. They each bring Marquis Jia and Earl Jia who also choose to escape.
Really stick to the order to fight against the Milky Way Corps, the Marquis A and Earl A, and prevent the Milky Way Independent Regiment from directly choosing to retreat from the empire. When arranging troops, in addition to being in hiding, twelve Duke A chose to be evenly matched with the Milky Way Independent Regiment.
Now …
"Didn’t you say that Li Yuanba would never go to war?"
Zhenbei Wang angered and questioned
His anger is understandable because he has been smashed, and four Duke armour are all his hands.
"How can Li Yuanba participate in the war?" Imperial too was shocked and puzzled.
"Not how could Li Yuanba break my four … five Duke armour in such a short time?"
If overlord armour just appeared, both Wang and Taitai in Zhenbei were lucky enough to think that it was his federal mecha who drove overlord armour.
Then there is no doubt now.
Can’t in addition to the horse Milky Way, Li Yuanba and the third Milky Way mecha?
Or in addition to Su Chuanyun, Li Han, Norwich, Mingshi and Jackson, the Federation has the sixth Star River-class mecha?
This level of mecha can’t be jumped out of the cracks in the stone, and there is no battlefield to break one after another to develop experience. Even if there is no talent to drive the mecha, it is impossible to fight so fiercely, violently and efficiently.
"It’s definitely not Li Yuanba. Father can’t lie to me."
Too much panic. Today, the loss has been more than five Duke armour. For the Milky Way Independence Group, 230 Earl armour and 20 Marquis armour are now wiped out.
Although the number of marquis armour of the anti-Galaxy Mecha Corps has reached one thousand, the number of earl armour has reached three thousand, but it can’t hold such a rapid wreck.
You can also capture these mecha after you win the game by middle-clicking.
The empire can’t stand the change.
"What if you give your father news that human beings lied to your father?" Zhenbei Wang Leng said, "How can human beings be credulous?"
Yeah, humans can lie to us
The empire suddenly realized that its face was a little flustered and soon replaced by anger.
"Li Yuanba can go to war? What about another federal mecha as strong as Ji Xinghe? Send more troops to me. Even if the Milky Way Independent Regiment can win today, they don’t want to take away even half of my mecha. "
The order to send more troops is coming.
Zhenbei Wang is also very available and said, "I can hold Li Yuanba off with my hand."
Li Yuanba is after you, okay?
Too did not debunk Zhenbei Wang’s high emotional quotient statement and expressed his approval. "If we can stall Li Yuanba, we won’t lose money today because we just drove the mecha. We can get compensation for how many deaths we have."
Three hundred earl armour and sixty marquis armour led directly to the battlefield of the Independent Regiment.
In the face of such forces, even the independent regiment has occupied an absolute advantage, and there is no reason to continue to fight.
Unless …
"Master, I let Xingyue A start the Ares mode."
"Well, go."
The battle between Xingyue and Ji Xinghe is over. Xingyue Jia and God punish Jia to retreat.